AES Watch conveners ask Ombudsman to probe Brillantes, Smartmatic; Refund payments, Smartmatic asked

AES Watch

The Automated Election System Watch (AES Watch) today asked President Aquino III to compel the Smartmatic company to refund the money given it due to the failure of some 18,000 PCOS machines to transmit election results, dysfunctional CF cards, and other glitches that transpired during the May 13 mid-term elections.

The amount paid by the government for the questionable purchase of the PCOS machines in March 2012 for at least 23% of the machines that failed to transmit should be refunded. This is on top of costs by machines that broke down, faulty CF cards and modems, and other system failures, AES Watch said. Continue reading


Smartmatic top honcho sighted at PPCRV data center before wrong tally

What is a Smartmatic top official up to at the operations center of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) at 5 p.m. closing time yesterday before the scheduled transmission of election results from the country’s 78,000 clustered precincts?

Former Comelec IT Director and Automated Elections System Watch (AES Watch) IT expert Ernie del Rosario today expressed grave concerns over the suspicious presence of Albert Castro Rico, a Spanish Smartmatic official, at the command center and election server of the PPCRV, Comelec-accredited citizens’ arm. PPCRV is located at Pope Pius Center, UN Avenue, Manila. Continue reading

Prof. Tuazon’s statement on the turnover of the “source code” to Comelec

How sure are we now that the claimed “source code” is the same one loaded in 70,000 plus PCOS machines that have been deployed all over the Philippines with several already tested for FTS? It will need opening up all PCOS units and running the hash code – a humongous task that only a “superman” will be able to do before election.

Brillantes is just making the legal motions of complying with Sec. 14 of RA 9369 – compelled as he was after AES Watch individual members and other eminent voters filed a Petition against Comelec through the GPH with the UN Human Rights Committee on May 3; and on the same day, reelectionist Sen. Gordon filed a mandamus against Comelec before the SC on the source code issue.

We have demanded from Mr. Brillantes to reveal the terms and conditions that defined the negotiation with Dominion (brokered by the Comelec chairman himself), like, how much in taxpayers’ money was paid yet again? More importantly, is this move in effect paving the way for the Dominion to be the dominant player in the 2016 automated elections (Smartmatic phasing out because of its bungling)? Smartmatic’s Cesar Flores had revealed in a recent JCOC hearing that Dominion wanted to take over the Philippine market in election automation.

– Prof. Bobby Tuazon, UP Manila professor and AES Watch co-convenor

AES Watch: Comelec is not off the hook; Calls for parallel manual count

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) under Chairman Sixto Brillantes, Jr. is not yet off the hook after announcing that the Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) has agreed to disclose the source code to the poll body, the AES Watch said today. The broad citizens’ election watchdog also said the PCOS count is unreliable and called for a 100 percent parallel manual count in the coming elections in light of the absence of a source code and other deficiencies of the poll automation system.

Bobby M. Tuazon, co-convener of AES Watch, said the supposed disclosure of the source code by Dominion only bolsters the election watch group’s contention that both Comelec and Smartmatic are liable for automating the elections of 2013 without a source code. “The last-minute disclosure of the source code even if true will not extricate Comelec and Smartmatic from legal liability,” Tuazon said. “They should have revealed the source code last year when Comelec decided to re-use the unreliable Smartmatic-marketed technology to allow political parties and other interested groups to conduct an independent review of the software program as a matter of right.” Continue reading