Simple test on the currently paraded source code

*This was written by AES Watch member and IT expert Jun Estrella 

1.    Compile the Dominion Source Code and compute the DC (hash code).

2.    Extract the hash code of any deployed PCOS, one which has undergone Final Testing and Sealing, and ready for use on 13 May 2013 [referred to as Deployed PCOS Code or DPC]. There are utility programs for such extraction.

3. Compare DC with the DPC.

a.    If the DC is EQUAL to the DPC, then Situation 1 passed.

b.    If the DC is NOT equal to the DPC, then someone is “lying through his teeth.”

Make this check for as many representative deployed, FTS PCOS machines.

If what Brilliantes claim is true, there will only be one hash code, the same for the DC and the DPC’s.  If there are at least two different codes, we REALLY HAVE A PROBLEM.

4.    If all DPC’s in the test PCOS sets are the same, and as in Situation 1 in 3.a above, the next test should be the extraction of the hash code for the PCOS code used in 2010 [referred to as  Smartmatic-TIM Code or STC2010], supposedly “escrowed in the BSP.”

a.    If there is no escrowed PCOS source code in BSP, then Comelec has a big problem.

b.    If there is an escrowed PCOS source code, and the DC is EQUAL to STC2010, then these conclusions apply:
b.1    The STC2010 is a “pirated” version.
b.2    There was no correction of the “supposedly” SLI findings re the STC2010 code (some 40 or so defects to be corrected).  The problems of 2010 elections remain the same for the 2013 elections.

I will not be surprised if the truth about the Brilliantes Commission will expose itself after Situation 3.a above.  Item 4 will determine the liability of the Melo Commission.


One thought on “Simple test on the currently paraded source code

  1. Was there any test conducted? if yes, what are the results, We want results or we might have been screwed up again.

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